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When you work at Strickland Waterproofing its not just a job its an adventure! Strickland can handle any job size and complexity you have. Give us a call (704)347-1345 We are more than happy to quote your project!


Strickland Restoration!

Strickland Waterproofing can handle all of your restoration projects! We have the knowledge and expertise gathered from thousands of very detailed restoration projects. Strickland Waterproofing would love the opportunity to apply our quality and precision to your project! Call for a quote today!

Snow Biz!!

Strickland  Waterproofing truly does it all!!. Not only does Strickland keep your buildings waterproof we also remove snow and ice from your parking lots!.  We handle snow removal for some very large clients and would love to help with your snow removal needs. Call (704) 347-1345 for a quote.



June Project of the Month

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. It opened in 1992 and is named in honor of the people of the state of North Carolina and the Blumenthal Foundation. We are very proud of the fact that Strickland Waterproofing was entrusted to repair existing leaks that had plagued both theaters for years!.  Strickland’s highly skilled staff was able to install through wall flashing, fix all leaks and expertly restore the buildings exterior back to its original glory with out even a hint of what happened!. Strickland Waterproofing quality and experience you can Trust!


Strickland Waterproofing (Big Time!)

Strickland Waterproofing has the manpower and the equipment to handle your job no mater the size. Being the largest waterproofing company in the southeast has its benefits and having enough workforce to handle multiple large jobs simultaneously across the south east is one of them.  Tired of losing precious time and money ? let the big boys at Strickland Waterproofing  get it finished ahead of schedule!


Strickland Waterproofing goes Space Age!

Building Skin Technology and Strickland Waterproofing go Hand in Hand! 

Building Skin: Better than the Best Insulation

The BIOMS research team at the University of California-Berkeley has developed a building skin called SABER, which makes indoor climate more comfortable using the same basic principals guiding the function of our own skin.

The building “skin” uses absolutely no energy and wraps around the exterior of new or existing infrastructure. Micro-scale valves and lenses react by sensing heat, light and humidity like the pores of our skin. While the building envelope does not actually cool the inside of the building, controlling the entrance of light and heat inside makes the indoor environment far more tolerable in even a harsh climate.

The research team aims to apply the building skin to developing countries in tropical regions, where populations can most benefit from the technology at little or cost to them. This is particularly important as those countries are among the most vulnerable to climate change and will need the most significant infrastructural changes to control indoor climate. The SABER building skin is applicable from the small home to the huge stadium and could revolutionize the way builders think about insulation.

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